Author Guidelines


The manuscript must be an original research paper that is sufficient to contribute novelty to the science of communication science. Authors are requested to submit papers online using the Journal of Communication Science submission procedure. Authors concerned must also provide a statement that the manuscript is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Editors will ignore submissions that do not follow this procedure.

 Manuscript structure


The title should be clear and informative, no more than 14 words.

Name of author and institution

The author's name must be accompanied by the author's institution and email address, without an academic degree. For a joint paper, one of the authors must notify the other authors.

Abstract and keywords

Abstract must be less than 200 words. Abstract consists of objectives, methods, and results. Please provide abstracts in English and Indonesian versions. Keywords should consist of 3 to 5 words or phrases.


This section describes the background of the research, a review of previous studies according to the focus of the writing, and the purpose of making the manuscript. It is also important to demonstrate the significance and novelty of the research.


This section describes the appropriate analysis tools for the data and their sources.

Results and Discussion

This section describes the research results. Writing must be presented clearly and concisely. The author should explore the novelty or contribution of the work to the Communication Science literature.


This section concludes and provides the implications of the study.  Conclusions should be in the same order as the conclusions discussed in the body of the manuscript.


This section lists only the papers, books, or other types of publications referenced in the body of the manuscript.

General Writing Format

  1. Manuscripts are made in A4 paper format, double-sided, and single-spaced. Using Times New Roman font size 11.
  2. Manuscripts are written in Indonesian or English.
  3. Manuscripts should consist of 12 to 15 pages (5000-7000 words).
  4. The top and bottom margins are 2 cm, while the left and right are 3 cm.
  5. The title is written in capital letters only on the first word or special name (eg location name), font size 12, middle position. The title is written using the Sentence case style.
  6. The text is written in UPPERCASE BOLD style, font size 14, starting from the left margin.
  7. Subtitles, if any, are capitalized only on the first word or special name. Writing starts from the left margin.
  8. Sub of subtitles, if any, are capitalized only at the beginning of each word except for conjunctions, all in italics. Writing starts from the left margin.
  9. References must be from publications of the last ten years (> 80%), except for key references (80%). References to textbooks are minimized (<20%).

Custom Writing Format

  1. Equations and formulas should be numbered as (1), (2) ... etc to the right of them.
  2.  The estimation results of software are not allowed to be directly presented in the manuscript. They should be presented in a summary table.

Tables and Figures

Tables and figures should be presented as follows:

  1. The names of tables and figures must follow the numbering system (Arabic numbering system). Table titles and figures are placed above and below respectively.
  2. Tables and figures should include sources of information, if any, at the bottom.
  3. Each table can only contain a title and its contents. The table contains only rows and no columns. Notes and sources must be included below the table

Thank-you note

Acknowledgments, if any, should be written as a footnote to the title of the manuscript.

Subject and Author Index

Authors must provide a subject index, i.e. specific terms in the manuscript. Authors must also provide an author index, i.e. the main author of the paper referenced in the manuscript. Please write the surname followed by the given name.


Citations in the body of the text must use the surname and year of publication. Example:

  1. Hill (2001) suggests that the purpose of depreciation is ...
  2. Targeting inflation will suffice (McCain, 1982).
  3. The definition of contagion is ... (Wagner, 1976; Rhonda 2009).
  4. Authors are advised to use Mendeley Reference software (link access


Manuscripts are expected to include about 20-25 key and current references to emphasize high-quality contributions to knowledge development. Quotes and references must strictly follow the style of the APA (American Psychological Association). References should include only works cited in the manuscript text. Consultation of the APA style manual ( (APA style access link) is highly recommended to complete manuscript submission.